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Whereas most graphics apps have a set of menus at the top of the screen, the top of the MDI window, or the top of the drawing window, Synfig has a caret. A sideways one. It is located in the upper left hand corner of the Canvas window, and looks like this:

Beneath this button are all the menus you would expect, from which you can access most of Synfig Studio's features:

  • {{l|Canvas File Menu|File Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas Edit Menu| Edit Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas View Menu| View Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas Canvas Menu| Canvas Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas State Menu|State Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas Group Menu|Group Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas Layer Menu|Layer Menu]]
  • {{l|Canvas Keyframe Menu|Keyframe Menu]]

Languages Language: 

English • čeština • Deutsch • suomi • français • português • русский