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Canvas properties 0.63.06.png

This Canvas Properties dialog is used to establish the properties of the current main canvas. If you have defined the SYNFIG_ENABLE_NEW_CANVAS_EDIT_PROPERTIES environment variable, then this will automatically be displayed when you start a new project. To change these parameters while working on a project, go to the caret menu, select 'edit' and then 'properties'. Or you can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut F8.

In the main dialog you can set:

  1. Canvas Info:
    • Name
    • Description

Image tab

In the Image tab you can set:

  1. Image Size:
    • Width
    • Height
    • X Resolution
    • Y Resolution
    • Physical Width
    • Physical Height
  2. Image Area:
    • Top Left (x,y)
    • Bottom right (x,y) - Those parameters defining the Top Left and Bottom Right canvas corners relatively to the center of the coordinates.

Changing Canvas origin

Par default, the origin (the point with x = 0 and y = 0 coordinate) for new created Canvas is set visually to the center. Adjusting the "Top Left (x,y)" and "Bottom Right (x, y)" coordinate without changing the difference between the two point (the vector), you can translate the Canvas origin.

Canvas properties change origin 0.64.png

Origin to Top Left Corner

Starting from the upper Image Area example, if you want to set the origin to the top left corner, in Canvas Properties Dialog set "Image Area" "Top Left" x and y to 0 and "Bottom Right" x to 8 and y 4,5

  • new_bottom_right_x = ABS(old_top_left_x) + old_bottom_right_x
  • new_bottom_right_y = old_top_left_y + ABS(old_bottom_right_y)

Time tab

In the Time tab you can set:

Canvas properties time 0.63.06.png
  1. Time Info:
    • Frames per second
    • Start Time (seconds)
    • End Time (seconds)
    • Duration (seconds)

Other tab

In the Other tab you can set:

Canvas properties other 0.63.06.png

  1. Locks and Links:
    • Image Width
    • Image Height
    • Image Aspect
    • Image Span
    • Pixel Width
    • Pixel Height
    • Pixel Aspect
  2. Other:
    • Focus Point

Resizing the Canvas

In the Other tab, uncheck all of the Locks and Links:

Canvas Prop for resize.png

Then edit Image Width and Height. This will resize the canvas, stretching it's contents in the process.

Expanding the Canvas

In the Other tab, check only Pixel Aspect in Locks and Links:

Canvas Prop for expand.png

Then edit Image Width and Height. This will expand the canvas, keeping it's contents at the same size but adding extra space at the top/bottom and left/right.

Please note that since this dialog caused confusion, even among some very experienced people, here are some unofficial thoughts about image dimensions.