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About Clamp Layer

Layer filter clamp icon.png

Clamp layer is used to limit colours to a certain range of component values.

The R, G, B and A (alpha) components of each pixel are forced to lie within the range Floor...Ceiling.

If "Clamp Ceiling" is off, then only the Floor is considered.

If "Invert Negative" is on, then a pixel with a value of A less than Floor is first negated (-R, -G, -B, -A) and then something funny happens to raise all the components to at least Floor. Any ideas what this is for?

Parameters of Clamp Layer

The parameters of the Clamp Layers are:

Name Value Type
Type bool icon.png Invert Negative
Type bool icon.png Clamp Ceiling
Type real icon.png Ceiling 1.000000 real
Type real icon.png Floor 0.000000 real

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