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Generally if you want some vertex to be attached to some point on another BLine, you need to create a vertex at this point on target BLine. That's increases a complexity of your image and has a drawback - you cannot move attached vertex along the BLine.

Link to BLine feature provides an easy way to attach a vertex of a BLine to another BLine without creation of additional vertex. Vertex becomes "sticked" to BLine and could be moved along it.


  1. Select the bline you want to link and target bline
  2. Select the duck you want to link to target bline. It could be
    1. bline vertex duck
    2. bline tangent duck
    3. or real duck
  3. Right click on the target bline (not the bline vertex!) and select "Link to BLine"
    1. if selected vertex duck, it placed on bline at position where clicked
    2. if selected tangent duck, it links with bline tangent at click position
    3. if selected real duck, it links with bline width at click position
NOTE: At step 2 you can select bline vertex, tangent and real ducks at the same time to link their values to the values on the same position of target bline.

Inverse Duck Manipulation

It is possible to change linked duck position along bline simply by dragging it. If you linked the tangent and width ducks too, you will notice what they are changing their values according the values of bline.

You may also specify the offset of the tangent and width ducks simply by dragging them. I.e. making tangent 90 degrees to bline will keep that offset at any point of bline.

See also: Following_a_BLine tutorial.