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For real time communication about anything semi-related to Synfig, feel free to drop by #synfig on the IRC network. If you have questions, comments, or just want to say hello, feel free to drop by!

If you are using Jabber, give a try.

If you are are not able to stay permanently connected, you may be interested in viewing the IRC logs (colour, plain).

There are some forums at for people who prefer forums. We haven't yet created any forums there because we need to discuss what we need in the way of forums.

There are also 2 email lists - one for users and one for developers for those who prefer email:

Forums proposal

Please edit this proposal, and add the forum blurbs as sub-items under the forum name.


  • Synfig news
    • Discuss Synfig related News
  • Synfig discussion
    • Discuss anything about synfig
  • Animation discussion
    • (Discuss anything about animation in general
  • FOSS discussion
    • Discuss Free and Open Source Software
  • Off-topic discussion
    • Any discussion that doesn't belong in one of the other forums


  • Work in progress
    • Post your works in progress here, and give or get feedback from others
  • Finished works
    • Post your finished animations or still images here
  • Compositions and Effects
    • Post all your tests and discoveries with compositions and effects here


  • Tutorial development
    • Post your tutorial proposals here to get feedback
  • Animation related help
    • Questions and answers about animation with Synfig
  • Drawing related help
    • Questions and answers about image creation with Synfig
  • General
    • General questions and answers about Synfig use


  • Building synfig
    • Question and answers on how to build Synfig
  • Feature discussions
    • Discuss Synfig features here
  • Bugs (debugging area)
    • Discuss bugs here (Rore:I'm still not sure this is a good idea to have this here, althought I don't really like the SF bugtracker.)
  • Packaging
    • Discuss packages creation

Languages Language: 

English • čeština • Deutsch • español • français • português