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If you are using the released versions instead of SVN, the first 3 steps for each component are not necessary. For released versions, "./configure && make && sudo make install" should be enough.


Anonymous access to the Synfig subversion repository for Synfig is enabled! Here are the URLs to the respective repositories:


The later sections of this page can be used for any system, but the following links and wiki pages offer some system-specific help:

  • Linux
  • Windows: Using the cygwin environment for your build, and just having

it build mingw binaries seems to make things a little easier.


ETL is a template library, there is nothing to build really, it just needed to be installed.

  1. svn co etl
  2. cd etl
  3. ./bootstrap
  4. ./configure
  5. sudo make install


Requires: ETL, libxml++, libsigc++
Optional: libltdl, libpng, libtiff, libjpeg, libfreetype, libfontconfig, libopenexr, libavcodec, vimage (MacOS only, proprietary)
Runtime: encodedv (from libdv), ffmpeg, convert (from imagemagick)

  1. svn co synfig
  2. cd synfig
  3. ./bootstrap
  4. ./configure
  5. make
  6. sudo make install


  • Don't use --enable-half, it is slow.


Requires: ETL, gtkmm >= 2.4, gtk >= 2.0, glibmm, libsigc++
Optional: FMOD (proprietary)

  1. svn co synfigstudio
  2. cd synfigstudio
  3. ./bootstrap
  4. ./configure
  5. make
  6. sudo make install