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We're working on ebuild files for the Gentoo operating system here. To use this page directly with Gentoo, you need to know how Portage works. You can either create a new local overlay and put there the ebuilds from the Gentoo BugZilla (faster) or use the sunrise overlay (easier).

To create a Portage overlay (so these ebuilds won't be clobbered by an emerge sync). You can follow this and read more information here.

Ebuilds in Gentoo's BugZilla

These are also in gentoo's sunrise overlay. More information on now to add it here. You can choose to install the release versions (package-x.xx.xx) (stable) or the development version (-9999) (unstable)

synfigstudio (media-gfx/synfigstudio)

synfig (media-gfx/synfig)

ETL (dev-cpp/ETL)

Howto for both release and development ebuilds

Please check this HOWTO Installing 3rd Party Ebuilds first. We will say "/overlay" as path to your overlay. This tipically would be "/usr/local/portage".

1. Make the directories needed in your overlay:

 mkdir /overlay/dev-cpp/ETL /overlay/media-gfx/synfig /overlay/media-gfx/synfigstudio

2. Go to the links above in the Gentoo BugZilla and download the ebuilds for the last release or the development version for all the packages (ETL, synfig and synfigstudio).

3. Copy your downloaded ebuilds into the appropiate directories:

 ETL -> /overlay/dev-cpp/ETL
 synfig -> /overlay/media-gfx/synfig
 synfigstudio -> /overlay/media-gfx/synfigstudio

4. Make digests for them. ie::

 ebuild /overlay/dev-cpp/ETL/ETL-0.04.13.ebuild digest
 ebuild /overlay/media-gfx/synfig/synfig-0.62.00.ebuild digest
 ebuild /overlay/media-gfx/synfigstudio/synfigstudio-0.62.00.ebuild digest

5. Edit your /etc/portage/package.use and add:

 media-gfx/synfig  ffmpeg freetype imagemagick dv openexr

6. Unmask the packages for your architecture if needed adding to your /etc/portage/packages.keywords:


7. Happily compile:

 emerge -av synfigstudio