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This assume you already cloned the code from git

Want to setup an IDE to debug / develop synfig ?

Here, we will not discuss of witch IDE is better or if real hacker do all with vi/emacs

Eclipse from gnu/linux

First build !

This will generate all needed makefile

  • Open "autobuild/" and change "DEBUG=0" to "DEBUG=1" (line 74)
  • Build from "autobuild/"
  • During this time install "eclipse" & "eclispe-cdt" package from synaptic or whatever ...

when eclipse installed and synfig builded....

Import synfig (etl / core / studio) projects in Eclipse

Open Eclipse, choose your desired place for the workspace (i recommend not in ./synfig folder if you want to commit, better just above)

For each synfig component (etl / core / studio ...)

  1. Eclipse / Menu / Makefile project with existing code
  2. Choose your project name (etl / core / studio ...)
  3. Select code location (synfig/ETL , synfig/synfig-core or synfig/synfig-studio)
  4. Select your toolchain ... and click Finish ... and Wait a little ...

your now able to build from eclipse.

Want to debug maybe ?

  • From "Project Explorer" panel, select your project properties (alt+enter / menu-project or right clicking)
  • In "Run/Debug Setting" click "New" or "Edit..." , in C/C++ Application , browse and select the synfig-studio binary from "/home/user/synfig/bin"