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= Synfig Roadmap =
= Synfig Roadmap =
* <s>'''0.62.02 targets'''</s>
* <s>'''0.62.02 targets'''</s>

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Synfig Roadmap

  • 0.62.02 targets
    • Smart Tangents Linking - applied to master branch
    • Initial Bones support - applied a separated bones branch
  • 0.62.03 targets
    • Outline with movable/sliding width points: Advanced Outline
      • WidthPoint class.
      • ValueNode_WPList.
      • Support of Widthpoint from ValueNode_Composite.
      • New Advanced Outline Layer.
      • Support for load and save Advanced Outline Layer.
      • Hide width ducks from bline at the Advanced Outline.
      • Keep ValueNode_WPList's bline synced with Advanced Outline's bline.
      • Allow Width Tool to handle Advanced Outlines. Fix old bugs.
      • Write the render engine for Advanced Outline using Widthpoint interpolations side types.
      • Add custom tips for start or end of the bline when not looped.
      • Possibly improve step size on render engine. Quicker when straight, Slower when curved.
      • Support for rounded/sharp/flat cusps when tangents are split.
      • Remove Expand parameter or use it.
      • Exclude WidthPoints's positions duks from drag selection.
      • Improve width interpolation calculation form linear to smooth.
      • Support of Advanced Outline on Draw Tool.
      • Support of Advanced Outline on BLine Tool.
      • Support of Advanced Outline on Curved Gradients and Plants.
      • Add actions to change WidthPoint's interpolation type by contextual menu. Include icons.
      • New icon for Advanced Outline.
    • Replace class Widget_Enum : public Gtk::OptionMenu by class Widget_Enum : public Gtk::ComboBoxText as the first is deprecated since long time ago. Maybe it stops the "Straight" bug (or the bug that doesn't allow to select the item numbered as 1) Bud didn't dissapear.
    • Replace Gtk::Tooltips by Gtk::Tooltip since the first is deprecated and doesn't work fine on treeviews.
    • Enable Layer Composite specific parameters (zdepth, amount, blend method) for the distortion layers when possible
    • Collect all bline functions (i.e. find closest point to bline) and encapsulate into a calculation class.
    • Drag Blines with mouse (Nikitakit) (in progress)
    • Add feedback for Smooth Move Tool's radius.
    • Resize Rectangle Tool icon to 128x128.
    • Add zoom duck for Paste Canvas layer
  • 0.63.00 targets
    • Improve Preview dialog. Use better navigation icons. Allow quick shortcuts for 50% 100% resize. Don't resize content with the window. ON GOING (jcome)
    • Bones user interface improvement.
    • Fix Groups feature.
    • Make curves labels translatable or take the (sub)parameter local name.
    • Add angle parameter to Paste Canvas Layer (via transform stack)
  • 0.64.00 targets
    • Bones user interface finalization.
    • New preferences system more versatile.
    • Rewrite the current GUI using glade xml files and Gtk:Builder
    • Improve SVG import support Not needed since Nikitakit's svg2sif Inkscape pluging.
    • Video import improvement.
    • Sif format documentation.
  • 1.0 targets
    • Real Particles support
    • OpenGL rendering support
    • Cairo rendering support
    • Sound support
    • Free drawing tools
    • UI redesign
    • SWF export
    • Full SVG import/export support Import is done and export will be via Cairo.
    • Full video import support
    • Scripting support (python)

Online Roadmap Of Synfig. If you want to collaborate to edit this "roadmap mindmap" please let us know on the Talk page.

This is not finished but would be a comprehensive list of things to be done/fix. This mind map would help to create the real Road Map for the next release. The road map should be an ordered list of bugs and features that should be fixed/implemented in the next release.

Web infrastructure reorganization

  • Hosting
    • Resolve memory issues
    • Cleanup
    • Manage all settings with git
    • Sophisticated backup system
  • CMS
    • Common skin
    • Top banner
    • Main page: Splash and "download now" button
    • Development page
    • Releases information with features overview (like on blender.org)
      • Put splash screen on each release page
    • Transfer News
      • And Events too
    • Resolve News navigation issues
    • Transfer Press links
    • Download -> Tools
    • Download -> Examples
    • Twitter notifications
      • Notify on edits
      • Notify on page deletion
    • --- !!! go to public mode !!! ---
    • Integrated irc client
    • Integrated IRC logs page
    • News calendar - include Releases (display all pages RECURSIVELY)
    • New Gallery
    • Rename items in global scrapbook
    • Merge "How do I..." into "FAQ"
    • Synfig campaings
    • Developers profiles
    • Rss on the main page
    • Usage Cases page
  • Documentation
    • Common skin
    • Solid manual/guide
    • PDF export
      • Basic implementation
      • Ignore navigation panel
      • Multilevel headings
      • Internal links
    • Navigation Templates
    • Inline .po support
    • Writer guide
    • Translator guide
    • Describe templates
  • Forums
    • Common skin
  • Library
    • Setup ccHost
    • Common skin

Old Road Map

There is no specific roadmap, we just work on whatever happens to catch our interest. So far, we've made releases once there are a reasonable number of new fixes and/or features. This usually occurs every 6 months or so. Please see the release page for the process we go through when releasing. Please see the wishlist page if you have some ideas. Please see Software roadmap for things we want to do with synfig at some point.

As an open source project, synfig is relatively young. As a result, it has lots of creases that need to be ironed out. The copyright is sorted, the code compiles fine, but there are warts when running the code and important features that are missing. To smooth out those warts, we need people to help out. We cannot do everything ourselves, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!