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[DONE] Integrate brushlib
[DONE] Enable painting for Image layers
[DONE] Autoextend image size (infinite canvas)
[DONE] Undo functionality
- Fix bugs with Undo
[DONE] Allow to save edited image
+ Fix bug: Embed images not saved
(TODO) Allow editing for embed images only
(TODO) Automatically convert external image to embed when painting is requested
[DONE] Switch group
[DONE] Allow to edit child images by painting right on the SwitchGroup
[DONE] Allow to insert new images/keyframes into canvas (copy of current)
[DONE] Fix painting for transformed groups
[DONE] Painting in cairo mode
(TODO) Allow to insert empty image frame
(TODO) Hotkeys
- F6: New keyframe (copy of current)
- F7: Empty keyframe
[DONE] Import images as a SwitchGroup with "Children Lock" enabled
(TODO) Copying of image layer from one SwitchGroup to other should produce a waypoint at current time
(TODO) Interface to choose brush
[DONE] Automatically import MyPaint's brushes from system location
- Bug: some brushes not working
(TODO) Eraser
(TODO) Brush color