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* [[Source:Layers|Mapping between layer types, classes and .cpp files]]
* [[Source:Layers|Mapping between layer types, classes and .cpp files]]
* [[Source:class_ValueNode|ValueNode types]]
* [[Source:class_ValueNode|ValueNode types]]
* [[Source:BlendMethods|Blend Method enumeration values]]

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Hey you! Do you want access to bleeding-edge Synfig? Well, I have good news. Anonymous access to the Synfig Subversion repository for Synfig is now enabled! Here are the URLs to the respective repositories:

From the command line, to check out synfig, you would type:

 svn co http://svn.voria.com/code/synfig-core/trunk/ synfig

You can also download a daily updated svn checkout that you can update using svn up. This was created using a procedure by dooglus.

You can also download daily updated svn exports for ETL, synfig, synfigstudio. At some point we will include configure/etc in them so you don't need autoconf/automake to build the development versions of the code.

Once you grab the code, you will need to bootstrap the build environment and then build the code.

Commit notifications are sent to CIA and show up in the IRC channel.

At some point we may switch to git. dooglus maintains a git-svn repository of synfig and has a gitweb interface for it.

While you are browsing the code, you may wish to refer to these links: