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Note: The SVN server is currently down, we will migrate SVN elsewhere soon.

Hey you! Do you want access to bleeding-edge Synfig? Well, I have good news. Anonymous access to the Synfig Subversion repository for Synfig is now enabled! Here are the URLs to the respective repositories:

From the command line, to check out synfig, you would type:

 svn co synfig

You can also download a daily updated svn checkout that you can update using svn up. This was created using a procedure by dooglus.

You can also download daily updated svn exports for ETL, synfig, synfigstudio.

Once you grab the code, you will need to bootstrap the build environment and then build the code.

Commit notifications are sent to CIA and show up in the IRC channel.

While you are browsing the code, you may wish to refer to these links:


We are trialling git and may switch to it:

 git clone git://
 git clone git://
 git clone git://

People behind restrictive firewalls may be able to use these instead:

 git clone
 git clone
 git clone

People with commit access should use these commands instead:

 git clone
 git clone
 git clone

You can also check out the web interface to these repositories.

Also, dooglus maintains a git-svn repository of synfig and has a gitweb interface for it.

Proposed git workflow:

  • Do all work on the master branch
  • Latest stable releases should be tagged with stable-release.
  • Latest development releases should be tagged with devel-release.
  • All releases should be tagged with their version number (with no extra chars): 0.61.08.
  • For now, we don't need a stable release branch, when/if we do:
    • Branch the stable-release tag (or whatever is appropriate) to something like 0.62.
    • Change the stable-branch symbolic-ref branch to point to the 0.62 branch.
    • Cherry-pick commits from the master branch to the stable branch where possible.
    • Commit directly to the stable branch only when cherry-picks are not possible.
  • Work on new non-trivial features/fixes on public topic branches where possible
  • Obviously commit trivial fixes straight to the master or stable-branch branch.
  • Rebase & rework branches to keep history more sane, linear and atomic

Proposed set of git repositories:

  • admin.git - gitosis admin settings - holds groups, repos and users
  • code/* - direct conversions from SVN
    • code/ETL.git - ETL
    • code/synfig.git - synfig
    • code/synfigstudio.git - synfigstudio
  • packages/* - bits for various packaging systems
    • packages/windows.git - Windows packaging (needs separating from the code repos)
    • packages/macos.git - MacOS packaging (needs separating from the code repos)
    • packages/jhbuild.git - JHBuild moduleset (needs writing)
    • packages/autopackage.git - Autopackage bits (needs writing)
  • website/* - various bits used to maintain the website
    • website/skin.git - skin for the website
    • website/content.git - content for the website (pending switch to ikiwiki)
  • scripts/* - various scripts needed
    • scripts/svn2git.git - the scripts used to convert the SVN repo to git