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Hey you! Do you want access to bleeding-edge Synfig? Well, I have good news. We provide a way to get the code:

  • Using git (one repository)

Once you grab the code, you will need to follow the build instructions.

Commit notifications to master branch are sent to CIA and shown up in the IRC channel.

GIT repository at Github

Anonymous access:

 git clone git:// 

People with commit access should use this command instead:

 git clone

Or this one if you prefer https protocol:

git clone

You can also check out the web interface to that repository.

Check out Github help page for further references.

Proposed git workflow

  • Consider the master branch the stable one.
  • Each coder should have a username_master branch where all the small changes are done.
  • Once the username_master branch is considered stable it can be rebased/merged to master.
  • Work on new non-trivial features/fixes on username_feature branches.
  • Once the username_feature branch is considered stable it can be rebased/merged to master.
  • Obviously commit trivial fixes straight to the master.
  • If it is possible, rebase & rework branches to keep history more sane, linear and atomic.
  • Releases are tagged according to following criteria:
    • If the release consist on a few trivial set of features or bug fixes then increase the third numeration level: 0.64.0 -> 0.64.1
    • If the release consist on a set of important features and/or includes non backward compatible file format, then increase the second level numeration: 0.64.1 -> 0.65.0

See Also

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