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* [https://github.com/4232/quinema/wiki/README.en More info]
* [https://4232.cf/tag/quinema/ More info]
== Add Shadown ==
== Add Shadown ==

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It is a group of applications that allows to clean, compose and paint images pixelares to matter them in Synfig Studio.

Work with images pixelares in animation is a task complicated the images has to be cleaned so that they do not have "noise", afterwards be painted and have bottoms with transparency, all this does easier using quinema, a group applications for linea of commando that helps us to edit the images to matter them in Synfig Studio.

Add Shadown

It adds shadows and generates a xcf editable in layers.

Quinema sombra Sj01.png Quinema linea J01.png Sombra con quinema.png

quinema-sombra -p 1,1 j01.png sj01.png

Build a Project Synfig Studio

make a project

Escena 4232 quinema.gif

cd directory
quinema-synfig . > toma.sif


Author: Ernesto Bazzano (Bazza) - Blog

Release AGPLV3+

Languages Language: 

English • español