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Tools for pixelar Animation

  • quinema-escalar: It increases the image's resolution.
  • quinema-sombra: It adds shadows to drawings in another layer.
  • quinema-paleta: It extracts the palette used to paint a drawing.
  • quinema-gimp-convert: It converts gimp formats to other formats (joining layers or not)
  • quinema-video: It generates a video from a sequence of files (png, xcf, etc)
  • quinema-lst: It generates a X-sheet to import to syfing.
  • quinema-transparencia: It deletes the white background and leaves a transparency
  • quinema-synfig: It make automatic project

Add Shadown

It adds shadows and generates a xcf editable in layers.

Quinema sombra Sj01.png Quinema linea J01.png Sombra con quinema.png

quinema-sombra -p 1,1 j01.png sj01.png

Build a Project Synfig Studio

make a project

Escena 4232 quinema.gif

cd directory
quinema-synfig . > toma.sif


Author: Ernesto Bazzano (Bazza) - Blog

Release AGPV3+

Languages Language: 

English • español