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Thanks for looking at this tutorial. Feel free to improve it in any way.

Some "easy" tailoring I tried

  • play with the gradient of base noise to change the ratio between bright and dark flames.
  • tune the irregularities zoom, amount and blend mode to get a wild aggressive fire (0; 0.4; hard light) or something more voluptuously quiet (1.9; 0.5; composite)
  • make your high flames more realistic by coloring the high flames region with a vertical gradient, dark grey on top, white at the bottom.
  • simulate wind (ie. change the direction of the flames) by adapting the slope of moving base and irregularities.
Rainbow psychedelic fire

A few fun but less realistic tunings you can see in Raging Fire

  • play with the color of fire color to get a blue or pink fire.
  • check turbulent of base noise and/or irregularities noise to get a psychedelic effect.
  • set any place of the picture to fire just by adding a light gray spot below fire color anywhere, including behind text!

For instance the picture rainbow fire is made of a horizontal multicolor gradient fire color instead of mere orange, with turbulent enabled for both base noise and irregularities noise.

By the way: how long did you take to complete the tutorial? were the explanations clear enough? did you had fun doing it? Join the discussion on the forum!