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Note: Please keep in mind that current releases of Synfig are considered as developer previews. In other words, these releases are primarily targeted at developers, not end users. That being said, feel free to play around with it; just be sure to give it another chance later on down the road if you find yourself a bit frustrated with how things are currently set up. Click here for more info.

A special thanks to Bridgetone for hosting our videos and early downloads!


Source code

Official packages


gtk gtkmm synfig synfigstudio 0.61.08 (gtk & gtkmm required)

For help installing under windows check out the video walkthrough.


Taken offline. See bug 1686495.


Unofficial packages (releases)

Unofficial packages (devel version)


  • Lovingly handcrafted by Pixelgeek. Equivalent to Atrus' builds and updated as irregularly.


  • Ubuntu : repositories for feisty (svn 1513), gutsy (svn 1456), hardy (svn 1514)

Old unofficial packages


No-one has contributed other packages yet. Feel free to contribute packages for your favourite operating system or distro and add them to this page or let us know about them.


ETL, synfig and synfigstudio are licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2 or later.

Major issues

Please check the bugs, links and SVN versions provided. Please check for other bug fixes and workarounds in the bug trackers.

Unsolved in 0.61.08

  • MacOS: builds taken offline due to problems (1686495).
  • Windows: Rendering issues may be encountered on Hyperthreaded or multi-core CPUs. Please see the FAQ for workaround details.
  • Windows: There are security issues with the dv, imagemagick and ffmpeg targets, please avoid using them to import or render untrusted files.


See the release notice for a list of issues solved since the previous release.

Devel version

Some issues have fixes available and applied in the development version, but are not fixed in the latest release.


Languages Language: 

English • Deutsch • español • français