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The draw tool is the one that most artists will be familiar with. This tool is best used with a drawing tablet, although it can be used with a mouse.

The draw tool generates either a region, or a Bline Outline Layer with pressure output from the tablet mapped to the line's width.


Pressure Width
Whether or not to scale the width based on the pressure input. If this is unchecked, the layer will be drawn at the width indicated in the New Layer Defaults section of the Toolbox
Auto Loop
When the stroke of the draw tool ends near the beginning of the stroke, automatically connect the last duck to the first.
Auto Connect
When the stroke begins at or near an endpoint duck of another outline, the resulting outline is simply appended to the existing Outline Layer
When the stroke begins at or near a vertex duck in the middle of another outline, the first vertex of the resulting outline is linked to the duck on the existing Outline Layer.
Create Region Only
Rather than creating an Outline Layer, the tool discards pressure information, and creates a Region Layer instead.
Min Pressure
The value of this option clamps the lower end of the Pressure sensitivity to a specific value, essentially determining how thin the thinnest possible segment is relative to the Brush Size parameter in the Toolbox.
(revise me) Seems to have something to do with setting the Feather Parameter on the layer, but there doesn't seem to be a clear translation between the setting of this control, and the resulting parameters.
This affects whether the Smooth option is in world coordinates or not. But I'm not sure what it measures when this is turned on.
Determines how much tablet jitter is removed, and as a result, how many vertices the resulting splines are composed of.


Fill Last Stroke
Currently creates a Region Layer, causes some errors, and then deletes the region layer again.

Languages Language: 

English • français • italiano • română • русский