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variable description
SYNFIG_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_DOCUMENT_CREATION If no documents are specified when synfig is run, it will create a new blank document unless this variable is set.
SYNFIG_ENABLE_NEW_CANVAS_EDIT_PROPERTIES When a new document is created, the Canvas Properties Dialog will only be shown if this variable is set.
These three variables, when set, disable various steps of the animated gif optimization process in the magick++ module. Namely: disable optimization completely, disable optimization of transparent pixels, and disable the removal of adjacent duplicate frames respectively.
These can be used to disable the named tools from being shown in the toolbox.
SYNFIG_ENABLE_WIDTH If set, this enables the (mostly broken) width tool in the toolbox.
These are used to change the header and row heights in the timetrack panel. This is sometimes needed to make the timetrack panel rows line up with the parameter panel's rows.
SYNFIG_DISABLE_POPUP_WINDOWS When set, this makes the splash screen and "one moment please" popup windows behave like regular windows - ie. they can be minimized, and covered by other windows.
SYNFIG_DISABLE_TILE_RENDER When set, the workarea is always rendered using the scanline renderer, rather than being broken up into small square tiles which are rendered separately.
SYNFIG_ENABLE_POPUP_MENU_IN_ALL_TOOLS Allow the right-click context menu to be used in all the various tool states.
SYNFIG_MODULE_LIST Specifies where to load the list of dynamic modules from.
SYNFIG_ROOT Specifies the path to the synfig resources. It should be the directory which contains share/pixmaps/synfigstudio/ - usually /usr or /usr/local.
SYNFIG_SHOW_TILE_OUTLINES For debugging, this draws a red outline around each tile when using the tile renderer.
SYNFIG_TRANSIENT_DIALOGS Some window managers fail to associate synfig's panels with the toolbox. Setting this can help.

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