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A "Handle" is a widget on Canvas window that can be used to control some Parameters of a layer.

For example, a circle will have one handle to control the position of its center, and another to control its radius.

Handles are displayed in the Work Area for all the currently selected layers and for all the currently selected ValueNodes in the Library Panel. They have different color on depending on what they control : a position, a vertex point, a tangent, a width point...

If you are seeing handles you don't expect to see, check in the Library Panel - you probably have ValueNodes selected in there.

Move the Handle

Drag the handles around to change the parameters. Hold ⇧ Shift while dragging to constrain the movement to be either horizontal or vertical.

More precise control of the handles can be achieved using the cursor keys. The cursor keys will move the currently selected handle one pixel at a time, or ten pixels at a time if the ⇧ Shift key is pressed.

Choose your handles

More than one handle can be selected at a time.

  • Hold Control while clicking on a handle to toggle the selection on and off without affecting the selection status of the other handles.
  • Drag a rectangle around a group of handles to select them all and unselect the other handles.
  • Hold Control while dragging a rectangle around a group of handles to select them as well as the currently selected handles. You can repeat the operation, the new selected handles will be added to current selection.
  • Hit ControlA to select all non-position handles.

If you want to select handles from multiple Layers, in the Layers Panel or direct from the Canvas first select the layers you want, them select the handles holding Control while dragging some rectangles around to create the group you desire.

Old name of handles

This is how the handles were called some time ago.

Languages Language: 

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