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The "Children Lock" parameter is a boolean value, present in all Paste Canvas layers. These are the layers that are created when you encapsulate a group of layers.

If the "Children Lock" parameter is turned on, then:

  • If you click on an encapsulated layer in the workarea window, the Paste Canvas layer will be selected, rather than the layer you clicked on. For example, you draw an outline, and then encapsulate it. By default the children lock is off, and clicking on your outline in the workarea will select the outline layer. With children lock on, the encapsulation layer will be selected instead.
  • Right-clicking on an encapsulation layer offers a context menu entry to 'Select All Child Layers', which recursively selects all the layers under the current layer. If the children lock is on any encapsulation layer in the hierarchy, it stops the layers inside that encapsulation layer from being selected by this operation.
  • Hitting control-a to select all ducks will select encapsulation layers' position ducks, whereas it won't when the children lock is off.

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