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Welcome to the Synfig Wiki!


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The stuff below is a proposed new layout for, partially inspired by the gimp and blender websites and ChrisVP's synfig mockups. Please hack, mash fix, add links and so on.

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Animation in the free world

Two-dimensional animation has long been the domain of proprietary software. That changes with the introduction of Synfig, an free software/open source tool for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more...

Beautiful art inspires the community

The community is inspired by the art you produce

by Voria Studios

Pirates of Voria
by Voria Studios

Beautiful art needs beautiful support

Artists need information about how Synfig works in order to be able to inspire us with their animations. Help document the Synfig interface, write tutorials, help people on IRC and in the forums and more. Read more...

Beautiful art needs beautiful code

Free software and open source development is nothing without an active community, so come join Synfig. We need bug fixers, general developers, bug reporters, beta testers, artists to inspire us and more. Your contributions are welcome, needed and appreciated. Read more...