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Screen shots for the documentation should be done in a specific way.


  • Use "Clearlooks" with "Tango" icons for the screenshots (Windows/Mac users use "blue-ish" styles, please)
  • Png format only
  • High quality at Canvas: Low Resolution checkbox is off, quality is set to 1
  • Let's do smart screenshots! A group panel screenshot with no groups in it is meaningless!

partial vs. full window:

  • Do not use windows decoration / GUI items if they are not needed.
  • Usage of post production tools (blur the non subject areas of the screenshot, text annotations etc.) are welcome.

appearence in text:

  • Images should be shown in full size when possible. Only if the image takes too much space it might be thumbnailed.
  • Position: Right align for images if they are near the text - that way they do not interrupt text flow. Center images for "standalone" ones.


  • Uploaded images should have a proper name.
  • Images have to be categorized to be found easily.

samples / sifz source:

  • When creating sample files showing the effects of the layer's parameter modifications a sifz file must be provided to be sure that the same figure can be rendered again if the window decoration or gui layout is significatively different. Use a meaning name like the screen shot image files (see above).

We are currently discussing this at the Forum [1].