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Here's a list of templates used to improve this wiki functionality.

User Templates

Those templates can (and often should) be used in page body.


  • Location: Template:Category
  • Description: Specifies category page belongs to.
  • Examples: {{Category|MyCategory}}.


  • Location: Template:CategoryContents
  • Description: Lists all pages in the specified category. Output is localized, so if you use {{CategoryContents|Example}} on Spanish page, you will automatically get content of Example/es category and the page titles will be replaced with their Spanish translations.
  • Examples: {{CategoryContents|MyCategory}}.


  • Location: Template:L
  • Description: Creates link to another page, providing proper localization support.
  • Examples: See Meta:LinksTest/ru.


  • Location: Template:Navigation
  • Description: Defines navigation for sequence of pages and displays navigation bar. You need only to specify parent (index) page and next page (optional). There's no need to specify previous page, because it's determined automatically. Works only within the range of namespace though.
  • Examples:
    Navigation Navigation:  <<Top Page>>



    • Location: Template:Stub
    • Description: Mark page as a stub.
    • Examples: {{Stub}}.


    Internal Templates

    Templates below are not intended for direct use in page body. They are usually invoked by high-level templates listed above.


    • Location: Template:!
    • Description: This is an auxiliary template allowing one to encode "|"

    within template and parser function parameters. More...

    • Examples:
    Code: Result: Comments:
    {{!}} |


    • Location: Template:GetTitle
    • Description: Returns custom title of a page set with {{Title}} template in the page body.
    • Examples:
    Code: Result: Comments:
    {{GetTitle|Doc:Getting_Started/ru}} Первые шаги Look at the source of Doc:Getting_Started/ru page.


    • Location: Template:Languages
    • Description: Displays bar listing available translations for current page. More...
    • Examples: {{{Languages}}}


    • Location: Template:Languages/Lang
    • Description: Utility template for language bar. Generates link to specified translation of current page if it's exists.
    • Examples:
    Code: Result: Comments:
    {{Languages/Lang|en}} English Result is "English", but without a link, because current page is in English
    {{Languages/Lang|es}} Result is empty, because this page have no Spanish translation. If it does, then the result would be: " • Español"
    {{Languages/Lang|ru}} Result is empty, because this page have no Russian translation. If it does, then the result would be: " • Русский"


    Code: Result: Comments:
    {{Languages/ThisPageTranslatedIn|en}} Meta:Templates If this template invoked from Meta:Templates/es, then result is the same ("/es" suffix automatically dropped)
    {{Languages/ThisPageTranslatedIn|ru}} Meta:Templates/ru If this template invoked from Meta:Templates/es, then result is the same ("/es" suffix automatically dropped and "/ru" suffix added)



    Code: Result: Comments:
    {{PagenameFromLink|Doc:Getting_Started#Introduction}} Doc:Getting_Started
    {{PagenameFromLink|layers}} Layers
    {{PagenameFromLink|:Category:Manual}} Category:Manual



    Warning banners


    • Location: Template:Warnings
    • Description: Contains list of displayed warning banners and conditions for them