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Brush Colors

This section of the palette contains two large overlapping squares - the one in front is the Foreground Color, the one in back is the Background Color. When you are creating a layer of only one color, the foreground color is always used. When you create a {{l|Region Layer|region]] and an {{l|Outline Layer|outline]] simultaneously, the region is given the background color. The {{l|New Layer Defaults#Current Gradient|current gradient]] fill defaults to dynamically between these two colors. Clicking either will bring up the {{l|Colors Dialog]] to select a new color.

In addition to these two controls, there are two smaller controls located in the corners between them.

The arrows on the upper-right side swap the foreground and background colors. {{l|Image:swap_colors_icon.png|16px]]

The letter R on the lower left reverts the foreground and background colors to their default of black on white.

Brush Size

Sets the size of the line for new {{l|Outline Layer|Outline Layers]]. If you are using the {{l|draw tool]], this sets the maximum size that the line will be based on pressure sensitivity.

Default Blend Method

Sets the {{l|Blend Method]] for new layers. Defaults to {{l|Blend Method#Composite|Composite]].

Default Opacity

Sets the {{l|Amount Parameter]] for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque)

Current Gradient

Used by the {{l|Bline Tool]] when creating a new {{l|Curve Gradient]] layer. Also used by all {{l|Gradient Layer Category|Gradient layers]] as their fill. This defaults to a gradient between the foreground color and background color. Clicking this will bring up the {{l|Gradient Editor Dialog]]

Default Interpolation

Sets the default {{l|Waypoints#Interpolation|interpolation]] of new waypoints. Initially this is set to {{l|TCB]].

Languages Language: 

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