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Brush Colors

This section of the palette contains two large overlapping squares - the one in front is the Outline (previously called foreground) Color, the one in back is the Fill (previously called background) Color. When you are creating a layer of only one color, the foreground color is always used. When you create a region and an outline simultaneously, the region is given the fill color. The current gradient fill defaults to dynamically between these two colors. Clicking either will bring up the Colors Dialog to select a new color.

In addition to these two controls, there are two smaller controls located in the corners between them.

The arrows on the upper-right side swap the outline and fill colors. Swap colors icon.png

The letter R on the lower left reverts the outline and fill colors to their default of black and white respectively.

Brush Size

Sets the size of the line for new Outline Layers. If you are using the Draw Tool, this sets the maximum size that the line will be based on pressure sensitivity.

Default Blend Method

Sets the Blend Method for new layers. Defaults to Composite.

Default Opacity

Sets the Amount for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque)

Current Gradient

Used by the Bline Tool when creating a new Curve Gradient layer. Also used by all Gradient layers as their fill. This defaults to a gradient between the foreground color and background color. Clicking this will bring up the Gradient Editor Dialog

Default Interpolation

Sets the default interpolation of new waypoints. Initially this is set to TCB.

Languages Language: 

English • français