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We use this page to draft irregular news items to post on the website. If you have some synfig news that happened since the last update, please add it here.

Synfig Irregular News (Draft)

  • dyloxin, the IRC logging bot, has been up and down lots of times and dooglus has plain text logs for when it is down. darco says it is a problem with the jabber transport and is investigating as time permits.
  • dooglus continues to kick the ass of tons of bugs, pabs fixes a few too.
  • pabs committed a partially complete [MNG] output plugin.
  • mod_libavcodec got fixed, but it may have bitrotten since then, please test it.
  • pxegeek has created Tango ArtLibreSet icons for synfig in .sif format to replace the ones on the main menu.
  • Unfortunately we missed the deadline for SoC, and we weren't ready for students anyway. Perhaps next year. Please add ideas to the wiki page.
  • Atrus put out some Fedora Core 6 RPMs of synfig SVN alongside his Windows installers.
  • Atrus has been busy updating the Windows build to fix various things (inc uninstall) and also include support for OpenEXR (SVN build 483 and higher).
  • Atrus also posted instructions for how to setup a windows build environment and build Synfig under windows.
  • pxegeek and others have been trying out those instructions with some success.
  • ChrisVP has a preview of the Synfig website re-design. He intends to turn the mockup into a Drupal site. This will hopefully be brought online to coincide with the next official Synfig release (check the roadmap page for more info on that).
  • CIA was subscribed to our SVN repository, so we now receive commit notifications on IRC and have a web page to view commits. For now it is updated by polling SVN, so notifications will not be instantaneous.
  • Lots of improvements were made to the documentation on the wiki by dooglus, zenoscope and others.
  • We are in UbuntuStudio:
  • There is a Gallery wiki page for users to link their creations from.
  • dooglus added a new odd/even winding style for regions.
  • timonator showed up and started writing a beginners tutorial.
  • The blender community had a heated discussion about synfig.
  • We got mentioned on CNET.
  • I updated the NEWS (etl synfig synfigstudio) files in SVN, check them out for what is in SVN for the next release.
  • madsen did some work on a MacOS package, but has been off-line for a while, still need someone to maintain a MacOS port and builds (someone from Ampersand Laboratories is interested in helping though).
  • I moved to another city, started working full-time and have been without a computer/net access for ages, haven't worked on synfig for a while.
  • dooglus' laptop hard drive broke down, he moved to a different country, and spent a week on the beach, so his flood of fixes ground to a halt. He'll be back 'real soon now'.
  • snapsilverlight showed up again, he had found a wikipedia page that might help him with his [Redraw_tool redraw tool idea].
  • We STILL need more people fixing bugs, usability issues and rendering artefacts, so come join us on IRC and the mailing lists and hack the code! Alternatively a good animation tutorial and more documentation is needed too (please add to the wiki).
  • We need some news writers to make this news-sheet more regular - you'll need to subscribe to both the lists, watch the irc logs and svn logs and watch recent changes on the wiki. When you see something you think is newsworthy, post it on the News wiki page, then we'll post the contents of that page on the front page when it gets big enough.


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