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Tool polygon icon.png ALT-P


This tool draws regions with straight edges. It is deprecated in favor of the Spline Tool which can draw straight edged polygons and also curved shapes.

Here are some example polygons (in case you forgot what they look like):


Sif icon.pngsource file

Note that the edges can cross each other. When they do, the Winding Style Parameter comes into play.


Polygon Tool Options.png

The Tool Options Panel allows you to specify:


Just click over the different corners of the polygon.

To finish the creation of the spline you have different options :

  • Click again over the first vertex,
  • Using the gear "Make Polygon" button at the bottom of the Tool Options Panel.
  • Select any other tool from the Toolbox Panel

The "Clear Current Polygon" button at the bottom of the "Tool Options Panel" could be used to clear the current polygon.

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