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Layer geometry region icon.png

About Region Layers

The Region Layer is much like the Outline Layer, except that the shapes it describes are filled in, rather than just being an outline.

Parameters of Region Layers

The parameters of the region layers are:

Name Value Type
Type real icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Type real icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type integer icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type color icon.png Color
Type vector icon.png Origin 0.000000u,0.000000u vector
Type bool icon.png Invert
Type bool icon.png Antialiasing
Type real icon.png Feather 1.000000u real
Type integer icon.png Type of Feather Fast Gaussian Blur integer
Type integer icon.png Winding Style Non Zero integer
Type list icon.png Vertices List list(Spline)

The parameters are exactly the same as in the Outline Layer, except that region layers don't have the following 7 parameters, which are all specific to outlines:

Languages Language: 

English • español • français • italiano • română • русский