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Dialogs The Render dialog lets you render your animation. It can be reached through the caret menu>File>Render.
Let's have an in-depth look at it.

  • Target
    • Filename - Here you can set desired output filename and also a custom path to the render.
    • Target - Set your output format. At auto the format is decided by the filename suffix. If none is present png-format is default.
  • Settings
    • Quality - Set the quality of the render. 9 is highest quality but longest render time. 0 is lowest quality but renders faster. Default quality is 3.
    • Anti-Aliasing - Set the amount of anti-aliasing. Accepts values between 1 and 31. (Does not seem to work)
    • Use current frame - With this ticked only one frame is rendered; the current one.

Then there are three tabs, we're starting with;
Image tab

  • Image Size
    • Width - set width of render in pixels.
    • Height - set height of render in pixels.
    • XRes - set horizontal resolution of render.
    • YRes - set vertical resolution of render.
    • Physical Width - set physical printing size of render. (Calculated from Width/XRes).
    • Physical Height - set physical printing size of render. (Calculated from Height/YRes).
    • Image Span - (?)
  • Image Area - sets the portion of the workarea to be rendered.
    • Top Left X:/Y: - set where in the workarea top left of render starts.
    • Bottom Right X:/Y: - set where in the workarea bottom right of render starts.

Time tab

  • Time Settings
    • Frames per second - set render framerate. Only applicable when rendering to movie-file, not image sequences.
    • Start Time - set where in your timeline rendered sequence will start.
    • End Time - set where in your timeline rendered sequence will end.

Other tab

  • Locks and Links
    • Image Width
    • Image Height
    • Image Aspect
    • Image Span
    • Pixel Width
    • Pixel Height
    • Pixel Aspect
  • Focus Point
    • Focus Point X:/Y:

Languages Language: 

English • français