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This page contains a roadmap with defined goals for each release. See Software roadmap for things we want to do with synfig at some point. See Release for the process we go through when releasing.

As an open source project, synfig is relatively young. As a result, it has lots of creases that need to be ironed out. The copyright is sorted, the code compiles fine, but there are warts when running the code. To smooth out those warts, we need people do investigate and fix the following. We cannot do everything ourselves, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Tasks, to reach a final version of 1.0


  • Synfigstudio needs a man page



Things, which are also accepted in our patch tracker

  • create better builds for MacOS X.
  • fixes for any of the open bugs.
  • embedded source code documentation
  • Write a tutorial
  • translate into your language
  • test synfig and confirm open bugs

Easy coding tasks

Put here tasks for new developers, to make them able to dive into the code.

  • Synfigstudio needs verbosity levels for the error output. Levels are info, warning and error. Make sure, to spew out only errors when something nasty happens. If someone wants to know all what happens in synfigstudio, the user should activate a higher level of verbosity with the command line switch --verbose=all,info,warning
  • Synfig and Synfigstudio need a usage screen, which helps a new user to type in the right syntax on the command line. Any switch not known to the program should point to the usage screen. On the bottom of the usage screen could be a hint: " For more help use synfig --help"

To the old Releases

Just for reference.

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