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The scale tool works much like to Normal Tool except for when multiple ducks are selected. To see this, select multiple ducks, by either:

  • pressing Control-A to select all ducks
  • dragging a rectangle around a group of ducks
  • holding the Control key while clicking ducks to toggle their selected status

Then drag one of the selected ducks. All the selected ducks will be scaled relative to the centre of the selected group.

The scale tool has a tool option, 'Lock Aspect Ratio', which when selected will prevent you from changing the x:y ratio of the bounding box of the selected ducks.

When scaling a selection don't drag a duck that its position is close to the X or Y center of the bounding box. Select a duck that is close to one of the corners of the bounding box. If you drag from a duck that have a X or Y coordinate that is the same than the center of the bounding box it would produce an infinite scale factor and a very difficult to contorl scaled shape. (The ducks that aren't over the bounding box X or Y center are sacaled by a huge factor). This is a behavior that should be corrected (for example giving to the user corner pulling anchors to allow make a correct scaling).

Languages Language: 

English • Deutsch