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  • Before attempting to use Synfig Studio to create an animation, it is worthwhile to get a basic understanding of what a Synfig animation is, t ...xt of a layer is the rendered result of the layers that are stacked behind it.
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  • ...s the four corners of the rectangle to four arbitrary points in the plane. It is a 2D -> 2D transformation. ...tive (in opossite direction to the vanishing point). From 1.0 to +infinite it renders the points that go in the same direction of the vanishing point. Hi
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  • ...width "Width", with "Precision" decimal places. If "Zero Padded" is true, it will be left-padded with "0" characters. ...t" is an angle used to give the tangent an extra rotation before returning it. If "Fixed Length" is true, the tangent is then scaled to have a length eq
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