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Rewrite preparation for 0.65 release

  • New parameters of the group layer
    • Z Range parameters
Type bool icon.png Z_Depth Range Enabled Parameter
bool (Static)

When checked, only layers inside range are visible and the visible layers are signaled with bolded font in the Layers Panel

Type real icon.png Z_Depth Range Position Parameter 0.000000 real

Starting z_depth position where layers are visible

Type real icon.png Z_Depth Range Depth Parameter 1.000000 real

Depth where layers are visibles in z_depth range

Type real icon.png Z_Depth Range Transition Parameter 0.000000 real

Z_Depth area where layers inside are partially visible

example of Z Range use :

    • Transformation Parameter
Transformation Parameter 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.00°, 60, 60 transformation

The "Transformation" parameter is a composite parameter, it hold an Offset, a rotation angle, a skew angle and a scale value for the group. The Transformation paramter is already converted to composite when the Group Layer is created and so directly expose the Offset, rotation, skew and scale subparameters.

  • Transformation Widget