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Rewrite preparation for 0.65 release

Parameters of the group layer

    • Z Range parameters
Type bool icon.png Z Depth Range Enabled Parameter
bool (Static)

When checked, only layers inside range are visible and the visible layers are signaled with bolded font in the Layers Panel

Type real icon.png Z Depth Range Position Parameter 0.000000 real

Starting z_depth position where layers are visible

Type real icon.png Z Depth Range Depth Parameter 1.000000 real

Depth where layers are visibles in z_depth range

Type real icon.png Z Depth Range Transition Parameter 0.000000 real

Z_Depth area where layers inside are partially visible

example of Z Range use :

    • Transformation Parameter
Transformation Parameter 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.00°, 60, 60 transformation

The "Transformation" parameter is a composite parameter, it hold an Offset, a rotation angle, a skew angle and a scale value for the group. The "Transformation" parameter is already converted to composite when the Group Layer is created and so directly expose the Offset, Rotation, Skew and Scale subparameters.

Transformation Widget

screenshot of transform widget here

Does a Talk:Group_Transformation_Widget page is useful ?