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{{Title|Group Transformation Widget}}
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  Rewrite preparation for 0.65
Hold the {{Shortcut|ctrl}} and drag transformation center to set the {{l|Origin Parameter|Origin}} independently from the group itself.
we are talking about: transform, scale, rotate, skew
[[File:cobitmap05.png|left|none|frame|800x376px|The Group Transformation Widget]]
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==Parameters of Group Transformation Widget==
The parameters of the {{Literal|Group Transformation}} are:
{|border="0" align="none" style="border-collapse"  cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0"
||{{l|Image:Type_real_icon.png|16px}} {{l|Transform Parameter|Transform}}
||0.000000u 0.000000u
||{{l|Image:type_integer_icon.png|16px}} {{l|Rotate Parameter|Rotate}}
||{{l|Image:Type_vector_icon.png|16px}} {{l|Skew Parameter|Skew}}
||{{l|Image:Type_real_icon.png|16px}} {{l|Scale Parameter|Scale}}

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