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== Rewrite preparation for 0.65 ==
=== Time Stamp ===
This selection menu allows to set the time format used in the application. It would affect how all time parameters and information you see in Synfig Studio are shown. Although internally all the time values are stored as seconds, you can see the time in other formats:
* HH:MM:SS.FF. This is a fixed format that shows always the time in hours:minutes:seconds.frames with two significant digits minimum. Examples: 123:45:58.13, 00:00:04.23
*(HHh MMm SSs) FFf . This is a flexible format that would use the needed space to show the time using the correct derived unit. Examples: 123h 45m 58s 13f, 4s 23f. Notice that the second time only use the needed derived units (seconds) not using minutes or hours like in the previous type.
*(HHhMMmSSs)FFf. This one works exactly like the previous one but in a more compact format (no spaces). Examples: 123h45m58s13f, 4s23f.
* HHh MMm SSs FFf. This is like the default one but in a fixed format like the first one. Examples: 123h 45m 58s 13f, 00h 00m 04s 23f.
* HHhMMmSSsFFf. I think you can imagine how does this one works. Examples: 123h45m58s13f, 00h00m04s23f.
* FFf. ('''default''') This one shows all the times in frames. (There is a bug here because it doesn't work properly) Examples: 10693405f, 119f, assuming that the frames per second are set to 24.
=== Unit System ===
This drop down list allows change the global preference to the unit system that the user would want to use in any opened or created documents. Although all the vector dimensions are stored internally in synfig as units there are unit conversions to other systems to make editing more friendly or appropriate to the values that the user has from the model. Available Unit Systems are:
* points (pt)
* units (u)
* pixels (px) '''(default)'''
* inches (in)
* meters (m)
* centimeters (cm)
* millimeters (mm)
See the {{l|Unit System|Unit System}} in action to know the equivalence between those units.
=== Brush Presets Path ===
Allow to configure where to look at brushes for the {{l|Brush Tool}}

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