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Put a sequence of up to 5 keys to show a shortcut:



  • {{Shortcut|cmd|shift|S}} returns ⌘ Cmd⇧ ShiftS
  • {{Shortcut|ctrl|alt|X}} returns CtrlAltX
  • {{Shortcut|ctrl|alt|shift|pad3}} returns CtrlAlt⇧ Shift3 NumPad
  • {{Shortcut|shift|mmb}} returns ⇧ ShiftTemplate:Shortcut/Mouse
  • to join a shortcut and a menu (see Template:Menu):
{{Shortcut|shift|a}}{{Menu|type=popup|Add|Mesh|Cube}} returns ⇧ ShiftATemplate:Menu

Mouse hotkeys

You can use the symbols below:


(icons from the Tango Desktop Project)

Keyboard hotkeys

Apart from using normal letters and words, you can use the symbols below: