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m (Text Layer can be created by drag and drop)
m (Parameters of Text Layers: {{l|Invert_Parameter|Invert}})
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||{{l|Image:Type_bool_icon.png|16px}} Invert
||{{l|Image:Type_bool_icon.png|16px}} {{l|Invert_Parameter|Invert}}
{| style="width:16px; height:16px" border="1"
{| style="width:16px; height:16px" border="1"

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Layer other text icon.png

About Text Layers


A "Text Layer" can be created by drag and drop.

Parameters of Text Layers

The parameters of the text layers are:

Name Value Type
Type real icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Type real icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type integer icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type string icon.png Text Text Layer string
Type gradient icon.png Color
Type integer icon.png Font Family Sans Serif string
Type integer icon.png Style Nomral integer
Type integer icon.png Weight Normal integer
Type real icon.png Horizontal Spacing 1.000000 real
Type real icon.png Vertical Spacing 1.000000 real
Type vector icon.png Size 0.500000u,0.500000u vector
Type vector icon.png Orientation 0.500000u,0.500000u vector
Type vector icon.png Origin 0.00000u,0.000000u vector
Type bool icon.png Kerning
Type bool icon.png Sharpen Edges
Type bool icon.png Invert

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