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Since there seems no documentation at all for this I just write what I have figured out. Someone should correct me and then remove this comment. Matumio 16:25, 13 Mar 2006 (PST)

The Timetrack tab shows a symbol (usually a green dot) for every keyframe ?waypoint? in the timeline.

When you change an object property while in Animate Editing Mode, for example by moving an object, a ?waypoint? is inserted. The columns of the Timetrack tab are aligned with the Params tab. If you are animating the individual vertices, you have to expand the vertices list to see them individually.

You can drag those ?waypoints? through time, and you can change their interpolation method by right-clicking (eg. a sudden step change instead of a smooth transition).

TODO: describe meaning of keyframes - maybe in Keyframes Dialog. They seem to control what happens when adding a new ?waypoint?, but how?

Languages Language: 

English • čeština