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The "Transform Tool" was called the "Normal Tool" before Synfig version 0.62.01.

The Transform tool lets you select objects and manipulate ducks (move, rotate or scale).

Clicking an object in the canvas window with the Transform tool selects it. You can select multiple objects by holding down he Control key and click on additional objects.
If the layer is a "no edge layer" (gradient for example) you cannot click on the layers below, even if you have clicked in the tranpsparent area of the layer. This allow to select only current visible layers. Consider also that some layers have not yet defined a way to click on them to be selected (Text Layer for example).
If you can not select an object because it is obscured by another object you can select its layer in the layer panel.

Once a layer is selected, its ducks is displayed. The Transform tool works on selected ducks only.
To select a duck you click on it and it becomes highlighted. You can select more ducks by Control clicking them. You can also drag a Selection box around the ducks to select them.
Control+A will select all ducks in the selected layers. (Control+D will deselect all ducks)
Dragging a Selection box while pressing CTRL will toggle duck selection. Currently selected ducks within the Selection box will become deselected and currenly non selected ducks will become selected.

Clicking on selected ducks with the Transform tool will allow you to drag them around in the canvas. Make sure you click on them, clicking outside will deselect the ducks.

If you press the SHIFT key while you're dragging you can restrict the movement to the X or Y coordinates.

Pressing CTRL while clicking ducks will allow you to rotate them around a calculated center for the currently selected ducks.

Pressing ALT while dragging ducks will scale them around their calculated common centre. Pressing SHIFT while scaling will preserve the ratio of the ducks.

If you want to constrain a tangent duck to X or Y movement you have to press SHIFT after you start to drag it.
Otherwise, pressing SHIFT before dragging a tangent will split it into separate left and right tangents.

Languages Language: 

English • Deutsch • français