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nickname: AkhIL
firstname: Il'dar (Ильдар)
lastname: Akhmetgaleev (Ахметгалеев)

Things done with synfig

Synfig tools

  • GIMP to synfig multilayer convertor
  • synfig multilayer rendering tool

Synfig modules


  • Download newest synfig modules.
  • Extract "<modulename>-<date>/<modulename> directory to synfig-core/src/modules/<modulename>
  • Add <modulename> to SUBDIRS in synfig-core/src/modules/
  • Add <modulename> to synfig-core/src/modules/synfig_modules.cfg
  • Find mod_filter in synfig-core/ and put below it
  • For Windows compilers, locate win32inst.nsi and in the SectionGroup "Layers" add
!include "..\src\modules\mod_akhilfx\mod_akhilfx.nsh"

and in the SectionGroup "un.Layers" add

!include "..\src\modules\mod_akhilfx\unmod_akhilfx.nsh"
  • Reconfigure, recompile and reinstall synfig-core
  • Check modules with
% synfig --modules

Screenshots of my modules