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Hello, I'm Diego Barrios Romero. I'm a spanish Computer systems technical engineer (now studying the following carreer "Computer engineering"). I'm from Cádiz (as Genete!) and I'm trying to do my "End-carreer work" contributing to Synfig.

I always liked electronic (computer later) stuff. So as japanese language (I'm writting a free japanese language course for spanish people), languages in general and traveling.

I hope I can contribute a lot to Synfig project :D

The history about how I get evolved into Synfig development is written in my blog in this article.

Things I've done/contributed to do:

  • Core: Improve FFMPEG video exporting to accept selectable codecs and bitrate.
    • Core: Update synfig-tool acordingly.

Things I'm now evolved in:

  • Core: complete rewrite of synfig-tool (CLI) using boost::program_options. Git branch: [1].