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The width tool was designed for the "tablet" workflow, which has not been fully implemented.

It provided a means for increasing or decreasing the width of a line much like you would with a pencil on paper. Since the tablet workflow was largely abandoned at Voria, this tool was not used much after it was implemented.

If you would like to increase/decrease the width of a bline, please turn on the width ducks and use the normal tool to directly manipulate the widths.

  • "Relative Growth" doesn't really work very well unless the "Radius" parameter is set to some huge value (like a million).
  • Ctrl+drag shrinks the width of the bline
  • Radius seems to be the main parameter that affects it
  • For some reason it is real easy to use the width tool when editing about_dialog.sif, much easier than a newly created image

Try it on blines with lots of segments (draw tool is good to create those), you will see it works on more than just the first vertex. It is a full circular area, other points may distract it though. I'm guessing that the animators at Voria asked darco to make it do the circular area thing.

Languages Language: 

English • français • italiano • română • русский