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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

You can help updating this page - see instructions here. Thank you!

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Para los traductores

La página con una traducción debe llevar el nombre de la página inglesa original, más la abreviatura de los idiomas (código two-letter de la lengua) precedido por un '.', e.g. por ejemplo, una pagina en Ruso seria


  • Los títulos están en una lengua, que es buena para referirse y mantener a la documentación del wiki en orden.
  • También proporciona una clara correspondencia entre original y las páginas traducidas.
  • Es fácil de aplicar.

Para traducir el texto en imágenes

In Releases/Artworkthis page you will find all the artwork (including editables files) of all the artwork me make for every new release of the project.

Here you can read our graphic style guidelines, where you will find help on how to create and edit the images of this site.

What functionality I expect from Multilanguage Extension

  • All pages named as described above.
  • There must be a list of available translations for current page on top of each page. Let's call it "Page languages list". (Extension detects if page with each language code exists).
  • There is a field in the user preferences, called "Language" (Already exists in MediaWiki)
  • Navigation improvements:
    • Let's say user have Language field in preferences set to 'tr'. Then:
      • if user requests page Main Page, and page Main exists, he automatically redirected to Main
      • if user clicks some other language in "Page languages list", then his "Language" field in preferences sets to that language, and he continues browsing, according to previous rules.
  • It would be nice to have Language field set up according the browser settings automatically for new users and guests.

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Languages Language: 

English • Deutsch • español • français • português