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Getting Started

To add an additional page (also translated pages) just call the page by editing the address in your browser. You'll then see a page telling you that this page currently doesn't exist and you can click on "create" at the top menu. There you are...

Editor Documentation

Administrator Documentation

Marketing/Sales Documentation

Pages Currently Developed

These pages are currently under development and do not show up on the official documentations


(in progress) 2013 - Terminology rewrite sprint

Have a look in the Forum [1] for more informations.

  • Terminology step of original (English) doc (done).
  • Screenshot Update step (in progress)
  • Approve terminology change step on reference page (english) (done)
  • Signal translation pages outdated (done)
  • Banner with the instructions to all translation pages not updated with new terminology (in progress)
  • Find a way to work on translation pages outdated (todo)
  • Update the translations step (todo)