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Tool zoom icon.png ALT-Z


The Zoom tool is used to get a closer or far away view of the objects that are being edited in the working area. It doesn't affect to the output render so you don't mind how close or far away are watching your composition that it is rendered as described in the render options


Click on the Zoom tool button. Then the current status would change to zoom. You can:

  • Click anywhere in the working area: it will zoom in to 125% of the current zoom level. The zoom will be centered such that the point clicked on remains in the same place.
  • CTRL + click anywhere in the working area: it will zoom out to 80% of the current zoom level. (Notice that 80% of 125 is 100, so zooming in one step and out one step will leave you back at the original zoom level).
  • Click at any place and drag to create a rectangle: it will zoom to fit the rectangle in the current working window.

Alternatively you can always use the existing mouse short cuts for that task or the zoom buttons at the left bottom corners of the working area.

Zoom buttons.png

They do following:

  • Zoom in 25%
  • Zoom to 100% (press again and restore last zoom)
  • Zoom to fit the window (press again an restore last zoom)
  • Zoom out 20%

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