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Getting Started

To add an additional page (also translated pages) just call the page by editing the address in your browser. You'll then see a page telling you that this page currently doesn't exist and you can click on "create" at the top menu. If you don't feel comfortable to do changes in the mains pages, you can start by submit your changes in the "Discussion" pages ( Alt⇧ ShiftT). There you are...

Editor Documentation

Administrator Documentation

Marketing/Sales Documentation

Pages Currently Developed

These pages are currently under development and do not show up on the official documentations

  • Have a look to project "Rewrite preparation for release"


(in progress) 2014 - Rewrite preparation for future release 1.0

Write inside Talk:Pages the new feature that will be available in synfig 1.0 in order to not do visible modification until next release is out.

Suggested workflow : use "Rewrite preparation for 0.65" has modification comment, and add "Rewrite preparation for 0.65" sentence inside the Talk Page (to get an easy way to retrieve all the pages who need to be updated once 1.0 will be out)

To have a look of what has been already initiate : http://wiki.synfig.org/wiki/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&profile=advanced&search=rewrite+0.65&fulltext=Search&ns0=1&ns1=1&profile=advanced

(in progress) 2013 - Terminology rewrite sprint

Have a look in the Forum [1] for more informations.

  • Terminology step of original (English) doc (done).
  • Screenshot Update step (in progress)
  • Approve terminology change step on reference page (english) (done)
  • Signal translation pages outdated (done)
  • Banner with the instructions to all translation pages not updated with new terminology (done)
  • Some translation pages have to be renamed. For example "Params Panel/ru" have to become "Parameters Panel/ru". Only admins can do that. (done)
  • Find a way to work on translation pages outdated (todo)
  • Update the translations step (todo)
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