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This page is for people that want to share some animation ideas. Post a short description of your ideas/storyboards here, it may inspire some Synfig artists that momentarily lost the wind of inspiration :)

"Upward, Outward, Onward"

This is a concept from Kazuki Mishima for a science fiction short film. He encourages Synfig users to use the concept for their own animation.


A frightened child runs swiftly down oppressive alleyways.

In the same city, a lone motorcyclist cruises down dark streets on big, friendly wheels.

Government agents in sinister suits with sinister faces and sinister intent invade the sidewalk along which the child runs.

From afar, the motorcyclist sees the child's plight and accelerates toward the scene.

The sinister agents surround the child in a circle. One of them produces a syringe, which he points toward the child. The child suffers a momentary panic, then becomes calm. The child looks at the syringe, and it shatters. The agents are bewildered. In a moment some great invisible force knocks all the agents to the ground.

The same force knocks the motorcyclist's helmet into the air, revealing an astonished but stolid face beneath.

The motorcyclist pulls up sharply beside the child and beckons. The child, seeing a means of escape, leaps onto the back of the motorcycle and holds the motorcyclist for protection as they speed off into the night and more agents arrive at the scene.

The child indicates a direction to the motorcyclist, who steers down a side street toward a concrete wall topped with barbed wire and guarded by armed agents.

The motorcyclist has doubts about their direction, but the child offers encouragement, and they speed on toward the wall.

The agents begin to shoot at the tires with pistols, but the same mysterious force that defeated them before deflects the bullets. Concentration contorts the child's face and, with glorious intensity, the motorcycle lifts completely from the street and hurtles over the wall.

On the other side of the wall, the motorcycle and its passengers land shakily on a dirt road leading through bright fields of vegetation into a small , dazzling agrarian town. As they enter the town, the motorcycle slows, and people run from the inviting doorways of the buildings to greet the child and the motorcyclist. The child's mother, overcome with joy, darts from the crowd to lift her child into the air. A group of awed villagers surround the motorcyclist to express their gratitude.

Within the city, several agents stare confounded at the concrete wall. One of them shifts his gaze upward to the brilliant blue sky, where a single bird flying among the wispy strands of cloud is joined by a whole flock heading for a warmer place.

"I may try to do some work on this sometime in the next few months." - richardwad1

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