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Imagine: you painting over Paste canvas with tools like brush and eraser, and synfig automatically creates shapes inside this Paste canvas layer, doing necessary boolean operations and linking between them. So they don't overlap. This would allow flash-like workflow, which is very suitable for newbies.

That could be implemented with special type of Paste canvas, which allows to draw on it like on raster image (and does not allows overlapping regions inside of it).

When such canvas is created special tools appearing.

  • Which tools?
    • Brush (creates region)
    • Fill (creates region inside of closed area)
    • Outliner (creates outline for regions)
    • Eraser (erases outlines and regions)
  • Where they are appearing? (think about UI)


  • Boolean operations
    • Region - Region
    • Outline - Outline
    • Region - Outline
    • GUI to test booleans
  • Implement tools
    • Brush - create region from free drawing
      • Size parameter
    • Eraser
      • Size parameter
    • Fill
    • Outliner
  • New type of layer
    • Make a new type of Paste canvas layer (with something like Draw mode?)
    • think about GUI!
    • Implement functionality
      • Drawing with tool
      • Making Boolean operations
      • Linking corresponding vertices